Corleone: the Shakespearean Godfather makes an offer you shouldn’t refuse

In David Mann's play, Corleone: the Shakespearean Godfather, Nicola Lipman and Stefania Indelicato play the leads.

Nicola Lipman and Stefania Indelicato play Vito and Michael Corleone. Don’t mess with them.

Classic Chic’s production of Corleone: the Shakespearean Godfather lays a convention on top of a gimmick—and it works.

In Corleone, playwright David Mann reimagines the plot of the first Godfather movie through the filter of Shakespearean language and, to a certain extent, Shakespearean sensibilities. Characters speak in iambic pentameter and are less likely to die in a hail of bullets than from a poisoned pearl in their wine goblet. In this production at least, the costuming stays in the same time period as the film: 1945 to 1955. [Read more…]